Parents Guide how to sign up for Schoology
Parents Guide how to sign up for Schoology
Posted on 02/01/2017
Parents Guide how to sign up for Schoology

Parent Guide for how to sign up for Schoology (must use computer first time, not a smartphone):


Step 1 Click on this link


Step 2 Click on the Parent button











Step 3 Put in your 12 digit Schoology Access Code. This came to all parents at the beginning of the year.



If you did not receive an Access Code please call the Puyallup School District Information Technology Center

(ITC) at 253-841-8600.


Step 4 Fill in the required information and youre all set!



•     You may use either a personal e-mail

or a unique username to sign-up for

Schoology. If you get an error message about the email account, just use a username.

•     If you have more than one child in the district, they can add additional students

once they are in their account.

•     Questions or concerns contact the PSD ITC Help Desk at 253-841-8600



There’s an App for that!


Step 5 Everyone with a smartphone can download the FREE Schoology app! Once downloaded, choose the GREEN button (username log in) not the blue one. Then choose Puyallup School District (not a specific school) and enter your username and password. You have control over alerts in the notifications setting.


Extra Training?? Visit the Puyallup School District Webpage for videos to assist with Schoology: