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The following is a list of basic supplies needed for Glacier View Jr High. Individual classes and teachers may require additional supplies.

#2 Pencils (min. 6)
Pink ErasersCup Of Pencils.png
Pencil Pouch
Colored Pencils (1 set of 8 colors)                                                  
Blue or Black Ink Pens (2)
Red Ink Pens (2)
Highlighters (Yellow, Pink, Blue and Green)
Glue Sticks (4)
2", 3-Ring Binder
Notebook Paper (college ruled) (3)
Notebook Section Dividers (6 classes)
One Subject Spiral Notebook (2)
Composition Notebook with Graph Paper or Package of Graph Paper (2)
Composition Notebook with College Ruled Paper (2)
Kleenex (2) Please take to your Yeti advisor