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Frequently asked questions or concerns.

Please call if your child is diagnosed with a new health concern, starts a new medication or receives an immunization so we can update your childs health record.


If your child has an injury, gets a concussion,  is on crutches or requires assistance with school work please call so we are aware of accommodations needed to succeed in class.  Please have his/her doctor write any limits/accommodations in a letter for the school.


If pain medication like Ibuprofen or tylenol is required please have the doctor write an order for medication at school. Remember both physican and parent signatures are required and the medication must be brought to the nurse for safe keeping.


If your child uses an inhaler at home please print out the asthma medical form (links section of nurse corner) and have their doctor fill it out and sign so they can carry/have an inhaler at school.  Remember parent/guardian must also sign. 


If you want your child  to carry their inhaler in their backpack  please have the doctor give permission to carry on the school order form.