Glacier View is a Welcoming School

All things at Glacier View Junior High related to diversity and creating a
welcoming school environment for students, parents, community, and staff

Welcome to our School

Building Representative for GLacier View Junior High: TBA

 Each school building has a representative for the Puyallup School District Diversity Committee. These representatives are responsible for:

 Advising students, parents, and staff that they are there to listen, help, and document incidents of harrassment, intimidation, bullying, or discrimination. This information is forwarded to the building administrator, who then takes the appropriate response.

  • Participating in monthly meetings with the Office of Equity and Achievement.

  • Meeting weekly with their building administrators to share information.

  • Having access to information, resources, and materials that may assist their colleagues.

​Dear Glacier View Community:

Here at Glacier View, your student and their academic achievement is important to us.  One thing we need to keep in mind, as adults working for our kids, is that it is a community effort.  We need to make sure that we continue to collaborate, as educators and as parents, so that our students achieve at their highest level.

We want to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest in your child’s education and for your support of Glacier View staff.  In the end, it will benefit your son/daughter’s academic success.  We’d like to reiterate the importance of your involvement in your child’s education and how crucial it is to his or her success.  You are always welcome to come to Glacier View and get involved.  We want to remind you that the “Home Access Center” is a great way to communicate with your student’s teachers and stay involved.  If you have not communicated your email address to our data processor, please take the time to call (253) 840-8922 and inform us of this address.

Our staff has been working very purposefully together on each student’s academic progress.  We follow a concept referred to as “Professional Learning Communities”.  It’s a concept that is designed to support teachers collaborating together on student learning.  We are focusing our attention on “Welcoming Classrooms”, Common Core State Standards, and creating intervention programs to meet the needs of ALL students and analyzing student work to help raise student achievement.  Our ultimate goal is have a true impact on student learning by focusing on students and their work.     

We are very proud of our staff and students for their hard work.  We also want to extend our appreciation to you, as the parents, for encouraging your son/daughter to do their best, challenge themselves, complete their school work, and follow through with their responsibilities as student learners.  In the end, it is a “team” effort.  I want to continue to encourage you to support your student, communicate with them about their school work, and communicate with their teachers through email, phone, or HAC. 


Jack Widmann, Principal


Glacier View Junior High is founded on eight cornerstones that shape our school. These cornerstones come from the Breaking Ranks in the Middle research.  You can learn more about each of the cornerstones as they apply to Glacier View by clicking on any of the following links.


Assessment: Dynamic ongoing assessment is used to guide instruction and report student learning.

 Dynamic Learning Teams: Dynamic, empowered teams of teachers (Learning Teams) are crucial to the development of a positive learning environment for junior high students. Learning Teams create interventions, team interdisciplinary lessons, and support transitions that students experience.

 Professional Development: Glacier View Junior High staff members strive for constant growth in an environment where professional scholarship is fostered and staff development is dedicated to implementing our Cornerstone beliefs. Opportunities are provided for the entire staff to learn about and apply researched-based best practices, using national, state, and district expectations. At Glacier View Junior High, teachers, counselors, and support staff collaborate to improve student achievement, safety, and scholarship.

 Rigor: Teachers and students at Glacier View Junior High will collaborate together to develop the capacity to utilize content that is complex, ambiguous, provocative, and personally or emotionally challenging.

 Collaboration: Effective and professional collaboration increases student achievement and positive behavior and enhances the overall school culture. We believe collaboration is a critical factor in creating a professional learning community where staff is encouraged to work together to improve their professional practice, and so it is built into our structure and our expectations.

 Personalization: Personalization of the educational environment is the standard that defines our learning community. The community, staff, administration and student body are a collaborative team that focuses on academics, community service, school spirit and strong character.


Leadership Systems: The wisdom of a collaborative staff leadership model enhances student learning and dynamic change within our school. Collaboration is who we are and what we do.

Equity: At Glacier View we strive to provide each and every student with equitable access to key educational resources in an environment which supports all social, economic, and racial/ethnic groups. We believe all students deserve equal opportunities to engage in challenging activities and learning. As caring adults we support the emotional and social growth of our students, celebrating each as a valued member of our school community.

Please see the following website for more information on the Breaking Ranks philosophy: