*Textbook Policy-Very Important!


 End of the Year

Textbook & Library Book Returns

As you do Spring Cleaning this year please be on the lookout for Glacier View library books or textbooks.  Keep the textbooks in a visible and central location until it is time to return them on June 14th, or 15th.  Return overdue library books or keep track of due dates on books not yet overdue in order to avoid fines. If your student has a fine please make sure they pay it before the end of the school year.  

  • All library books for all grades must be returned by Monday, June 12th.

  • All  Textbooks and class novels must be returned on June 14th and 15th  during their Math class.

  • All library fines need to be paid before Friday, June 23rd  or they will be posted on a student’s eschool accounts.

  • All Textbooks not returned by June 23rd must be returned to the District Office on June 27th or July 11th or July 18th.  PLEASE REFER TO THE TEXTBOOK REMINDER FOR TEXTBOOKS NOT RETURNED BY JULY 18th.

REMINDER: You can access your student’s library account using the link to the Destiny Library Catalog on the HAC website, or by going to

http://destiny.puyallup.k12.wa.us Select Glacier View Junior High School  

1.  Click the “login” tab in the upper right hand corner.  Enter the student ID# and password (ask your child).  See “My Info” tab at the top.  This shows fines for this year only, and any books overdue or checked out this year              


Puyallup School District Textbook Return Policy:

  • Students will be held accountable for returning textbooks and other instructional materials assigned to them throughout the year. All students are required to return their textbooks, library books, and other assigned instructional materials no later than the third Tuesday in July each year. The District would accept any items after this date but will require students to pay for the item because new instructional materials will have already been purchased.

  • Elementary students may be required to pay for these items prior to their participation in the elementary field day and junior high students may be required to pay for these items prior to participation in the 9th grade dance.