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My name is Mrs. Reed and I have been teaching band at Glacier View since the school opened in 2008!  I started playing the trumpet in 5th grade and music is a huge part of my life.  I have an upbeat personality and love teaching and encouraging students as they embark on learning an instrument of their own. If your child is a kinesthetic learner (hands on learner), band is the place to be!

Research shows that students who participate in band develop much needed life skills such as empathy, emotional resilience, increased focus and self-confidence, plus it’s really funWe have several different band classes to choose from ranging from Beginning Band (never played before) to Concert Band (an auditioned group).  Please check out the class descriptions below to see what class best suits you!  

If you have any questions, I’d love to talk with you.  Please reach out by phone or email.

Allison Reed

(253) 435-6885

Beginning Band (Full Year)

Beginning Band is a full year class open to students who do not have band experience, less than two full years of elementary band, or kids interested in learning a new instrumentStudents will work with Mrs. Reed to choose an instrument.  From there, students will learn how to properly play the instrument and read music.  Students will have several opportunities to perform as a class during the school year.

Cadet Band (Full Year)

This class is designed for students who have participated in elementary band in both 5th and 6th grade as well as students who started beginning band in 7th grade. Students will continue to develop their skills as a musician.  Students have a variety of performance opportunities including concerts, Solo/Ensemble Contest and the Daffodil Parade in the spring!

Intermediate Band (Full Year)

This class is designed for 8th and 9th grade students who have at least 2 years of experience on their instrument and have completed Cadet Band.  Students will continue to develop their skills and have a variety of performance opportunities.  Some performance opportunities include concerts, Solo/Ensemble Contest and the Daffodil Parade in the spring!

Concert Band (Full Year)

Concert Band is an auditioned band composed of students who have advanced musical abilityStudents must be in 8th or 9th grade to audition for this course. Students in Concert Band have a variety of performance opportunities including our yearly Veterans Day Tour, Solo/Ensemble Contest, Regional Band Festival, the Daffodil Parade, Band Contest and Concerts throughout the school year. 

Click the link below for information on courses offered and their descriptions.

Course of Study