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My name is Ms. Landes and I am the choir teacher here at Glacier View. I began playing piano when I was five years old, and I first joined choir when I was in junior high. I absolutely love my job because I get to spend my days sharing my passion for music with students of all ability and experience levels. As a choir student, you will learn singing technique, music theory and history, and critical listening skills – all while building character skills such as teamwork and perseverance.


We have a wide variety of performance opportunities throughout the school year for students of all comfort and experience levels. Whether you have never sang in your whole life or you spend your days serenading your family and friends, choir is the place for you! Check out the chart below for what to sign up for on your registration form.


Please email me anytime with questions about choir at Glacier View. I’m so excited to meet you!


Julie Landes

Choir: Course Information

All choirs at Glacier View are full-year courses. Your choice on your registration form tells me a little bit about your voice and helps me place you in a choir with people who have similar voice types and/or grade level as you. During the 2020-2021 school year, we have two awesome choirs: one with 7th and 8th grade sopranos and altos, and one mixed ensemble of all grades. This format may change in future years. 


7th Grade Students:

Students entering seventh grade should choose SA I (sopranos/altos: girls or higher voices) or TB I (tenors/baritones: boys or lower voices).


8th Grade Students:

Students entering eighth grade should choose SA II (sopranos/altos: girls or higher voices) or TB II (tenors/baritones: boys or lower voices).


9th grade Students

Students entering ninth grade should all choose Concert Choir.

Click the link below for information on courses offered and their descriptions.

Course of Study