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                                                          Drama Class

Hello, I am Ms. Anderson and I am thrilled to be teaching Drama at Glacier View. I knew I wanted to be a Drama teacher back in High School. I have worked in Professional Theatre for years as a Teacher, Teaching Artist, Director and Actress. I love teaching Drama because Drama creates a community. There really is a place for everyone in Theatre. I hope to inspire my students to be creative, empathetic and to believe in themselves.


This course is a performance-based class designed to develop speaking and acting skills.  Students will explore the craft of acting through speech, pantomime, theatre games, commercials, improvisation, monologues, acting scenes, character analysis, and play analysis.  Drama engages the imagination, builds self-confidence and self-expression, assists with problem solving skills, refines listening and communication skills, requires collaboration and engages the discovery process which are vital to 21st century skills. Students will participate in class as a whole group, small group or work individually.  Assignments are designed in a hands-on approach which requires in-class participation, sometimes as an individual and other times as part of a group. 

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Course of Study