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Hands on Technology(Shop Tech)

Hello,Mr. Tvedt


My name is Mr. Tvedt and I love teaching at Glacier View and being an Avalanche.
I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota and received my Masters in Teaching Degree from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been teaching CTE (Career and Tech Ed) classes here at Glacier View since it opened in 2008.
My classroom is in the shop and we do a variety of hands on technology activities and projects
in my classes. I believe it’s important for kids to get their hands on to get a full experience
in the learning process. There are a number of amazing pieces of equipment in my classroom, including a laser engraver, sand blasters, 3d printers, CNC machine, virtual welders, printers, a variety of different saws, routers, heat cutter, machines to work with plastics, along with many other smaller tools.

If you have any questions please reach out to me at

Courses Offered

Introduction to Design Technology (7-8)

Introduction to STEM Careers (7-8)

Field Investigations (7-8)

Manufacturing Discoveries (9)

Computer Science Discoveries/Coding (9)


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Course of Study